Friday, 12 March 2010

Man-Woman: The gruble and Rumble.....

Long lives the Man-Woman fight..and they do so happily ever after. They fight at home, they fight on the road, they fight in Parliaments...I will not be surprised if they fight in their favourite dreams as well.
Who is the best..who does the stones go unturned.

While a man considers everything as their birth right, women have started asking permission for their birth right. While man wants to show a woman that they dominate the society and all is run by them..women wants to show them that they are the one who abide with all the constitutional rules and regulations....But they live happily ever after.

In the same way..Man always shows a woman that the road is his, he is the best driver and he has the control on the woman(parked in the side seat) and the machine(the car)..woman leaves no hues and cries to show that though he is driving she is the one giving directions.Women never give up on correcting men about road sense, traffic rules and cleaniless(though she might be an absolute bizzard on the road)

Time and again we are reminded about which one is a man's job and which one is woman's.Man and women happily point their finger at each other to make things more accurate or worse.We look forward to appritiate the good deed that one does.That moment,we do not discriminate if it was done by a man or a woman.What is accountable is the pride of the deed.Inspite...the addiction to discriminate remains.

To join the parliament women require a reservation..rather quota within the quota, to have women in the army,men has drawn a line Of Control(LOC) within the LOC at the borders.Women were first allowed into the Army in 1992. In 2005, the Army explained its policy of limiting the service for women to 14 years. In an affidavit filed in the High Court, the Army said: "The background of our troops who hail from rural areas with fixed concepts of women had to be considered at the time of induction of women as officers into the Army. Grant of Permanent Commission would result in placing women officers as Commanding Officers of units, which was considered inappropriate."

To take any step forward....the Man-Woman Pang springs up on our head. What is the solution for this?Can a woman be less successful than a man? can she be less performing than a man or can a man not handle and share equal rights with a woman? What is this discrimination all about?
Why does the woman have a ask for right?Why does a man already has a right?
which ammendment which constitution says that as an individual a woman does not have a right that a man has.Why does anyone have to Heired with what is yours.
This nation required much more attention in things that are more critical, more important,quickly parishing,slowly becoming extinct.

So why not give up the black hole tragedy of the ongoing Man-Woman thing. They can live happily ever after.

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