Thursday, 19 January 2017

The Closed World.....

There are a lot of things that I often want to go back and change. I am not sure whole fault they were. They were faults that we all could have stopped them to happen. We all would have been out there if we could do without some of those faults. Finally it is not you or me that changed our world, it is the fault that did.

Future is more important than the bygones. The windshield that guides us forward is much bigger than the rare view mirror. Don't look back and mend the broken or try to fit in. 

Life has been a torrential welcoming lesson in the past. We learn to push ourselves to the edge of a handshake with death. We get accustomed to fear no one, We fear nothing. At one side of our life, we see life slip away in front of the eyes and on the other side we learn to mend a shattered soul to a new beginning. We stand strong with an Armour of faith and sail through a handful of friends.

This is life lesson. 

I distaste small talks. If you fancy, let us talk about life for time no bound. The crowd of the biologically related voices don't trigger my happiness to a handful friend in the peace of my comfort zone. Their judgement do not define me or your or anyone different among a crowd.

My journey different from yours. All our journeys are different. Different colors, different destinations and different journeys as well. It is not a competition, it is the containment of this journey. The marks under my shoes are the experiences I have gathered. I can count my good friends at the tip of my fingers and make a fist so strong. I do not have a long list of names to - miss when I am gone, be happy when I am back and remembered when I am required. My list is small, my circle is strong and my love is connected for them.

I have opened up to a world of infinite..... became the introvert.

Pardon Me !!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Lost Thoughts

And I took a step back. Is it time yet….?? Is it time to take a deep breath and count the time in my fingers? This is a day and that was a day. This is the time …. To take a plunge into the binocular of beautiful dreams I flipped in the magazine and would come out in the open to hug me tight. 

This is the day I feel I wish I had many more calendars with pictures of the Neverland’s. The dates in the calendars do not exist anymore, the beauty of the pictures float in front of my eyes. 

I have always been bad with numbers. So bad…that my instinct guide me to look up for an important date that I am about to miss. I am bad with figures, neither graphs interest me nor does my ever rising weight encourage me to do something about it. I said I am bad with figures.

The only thing I have believed in are colors of life, scent of the breath, touch of the nature and tiny triumphs of happiness. Dreams have no wings. If they had false flitting shapes, they would never be seedlings of reality. I tend to tread the reality; they let the dreams last as long and as far as I want them to. 

It’s like Deja-Vu all over again!! Or it is not. It is the opposite of the same feeling. It is a reality that I have dreamt of. It is the life I lived every moment. They are the paths I have taken always. But they are not. They are different all together, unfamiliar.

I have never been in those paths and they is full of strangers. Jamais Vu…. All !!!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Reader's Review: Rise Of The Grey Prince

Book: Rise Of The Grey Prince
Author: Arka Chakrabarti
Publisher: Srishti Publishers and Distributors
Genre: Fiction
Ratings: 4.0/5
ISBN: 9382665315
Number of Pages: 230
Review Date: 25th March 2015
Review on behalf of – Readers Cosmos
My Ratings: 4.5/5
Plot – 4/5
Characters – 4/5
Style – 3.5/5
Climax – 4/5
Cover Page – 5/5

To start with the Cover Page of the book, it gives an accurate image of the story line. I felt the cover page creates the suspense of the narration in the first look. This book is a continuation of the 1st book The Secrets of the Dark. So for the ones like me who did not read the first one, this one will fall apart here and there. However, complete justice done by the author that he has kept that in mind and avoided losing out on a group of reader base who had missed the first one. The story line had been supported by a good amount of background.

The revelation of Agni is mesmerizing; his search for knowledge about his very existence, his prodigy and the compulsions that he had to give in to in order to reach them has been narrated with a lot of passion. The description of Malini, his love has a lot of aggression and drama which has been beautifully described. Connecting the past to his Present is a tremendous work that the author has done here.

The topic a difficult one and the story line being a continuation of the first, there were places where the author created a whirlpool of thoughts. It could be a part of Arka’s pattern to keep the readers guessing at times or assumptions to play around his writing. The plot takes off gradually and unfolds as we read it and finally when the story is supposed to come to an end, there is suspense of open ended orator ship. This can be analyzed as both good and bad depending of the psyche of the reader. For me, it was a good read and the assumption of the story line at the end has given me a more settled thought about the author’s narration.

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Reader Review: The Recession Groom By Vani

Book: The Recession Groom
Author: Vani
Genre: Fiction
Ratings: 3.5/5
ISBN: 9384226580
Number of Pages: 295
Review Date: 28th February 2015
Review on behalf of - The Readers Cosmos

My Ratings: 3.5/5
Plot – 3.5/5
Characters – 5/5
Style – 4/5
Climax – 4/5
Cover Page – 4/5

My Review: "The Recession Groom" is a onetime good read. The story is not very predictable. Author has done a good justice to the characters by portraying the stereotypical relationships in the Indian society of an extra affectionate aunt, the grandmother with a modern outlook, an obviously over protective sister and the over enthusiastic neighbors.
The story line is good. The narration is also interesting. The connections of time and place have been very well designed considering the different actions and mindsets of people involved.
The miss in this books are the illogical hard tries that the author has given in making location changes in a matter of 3 days, convincing the client of an IT MNC so easily, running behind the realized love without even knowing anything about her current situation and people being so engrossed in the situation of the subject that the Indian Man is the victim of all social obligations, very unlikely.
On the whole, a refreshing note of onetime read.

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Thursday, 19 February 2015

What are we afraid of?

Fear of not doing or not being able to takes most of us in most we do. It the fear even a truth or even a worth to deal with and if it were would there be people killing it everyday to take the risk they want to. One thing is required to come to realisation and that one thing is either to kill the fear or get killed by it.
Fear of what others will think of you is the most common killer so far. Who has the ownership of being judgemental? Who has the submission to take on to the judgements given. No one can ever travel the journey of another to understand how much it takes for a person to overcome and be one self and not replicate an already existing someone else.
The fear of not having enough of - money or material. This journey of life to face the mirror at the grave has been planned alone. So face the mirror contented of the journey so far and wish you have lived more to do what you have loving to do and not to make the corrections of all the doings. Money and Material is not our friends to the grave, well no one is. At least live a fulfilled life trying to kill the fear of insecurity.
The fear of loosing a job is less about the job and more about the identity on line. First of all, if you are good enough, there should not be fear to loose. If there is the fear, you are not good enough. Work has to be done to get things on track. We do not have a job that offers us ultimate happiness, but if we are in one that offers us nothing it is time to kill the fear and look for a different one. If we are not finding one, we are not looking enough for the one we should be looking for.

The choices we are born with needs to be executed, the choices that we think we deserve are to be made by us. Someone else will not make our choices  for us and if someone else is doing that, then it is in their benefit and cannot be blamed. You are the one who have to face the fear and overcome it. You are one who have to fight your own battle if you want to be the one who wants to win the battle.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Is it Valentine in our head yet????

Is it the day to celebrate love yet? A tacky celebration of retails and F&B does define the celebration of love with cards,flowers,dinner,drink and gift. That one day says it all. We start afresh, to encourage love in the months to come till next year. Will love bloom really and will all the sour go away with the tiny celebration of thanking one another of being there during the past times of high and low. Oh yes it will. Celebrating and cherishing the silent thankfulness of having one another in life.

However, it should not be a one day affair. A celebration not to post on the social networking, a celebration not because it is called Valentime's Day. Staying by and being there round the time is more of a celebration to thank one another on this day. That's when a celebration counts in.

Not everyone goes by retail hopping and online digging to show that one cares, at times it is about a comfortable time of lunch together or stopping by to blanket the disturbing pains. It could be thinking beyond ones own needs and comforts and offering to listen out the other one. It's about simply saying thank you for being there right then. It is about knowing that something has to be set right before it is too late. Knowing that there is a human heart which waits for an assurance that it is not too late yet.

Bug the Litterbugs !!

We Indians are an amazing group of people. We hate to be told what is correct and what is not, we do not appreciate directions, we do not definitely like to follow the good but take to the worse. In our school of mind we preach the vastness and diversity of this country and lazy that we are, we blame circumstances as the reason of the challenges that are not achievable.
We are highly and easily influenced people. Transformable, but only when we are under strict supervision. When in a country away from India, we make sure not to litter. The Soft drink cans go right into the bin and does not fall just outside the bin. Cigarette buds go into the ashtray of the car and not fly out of the car window; litters go into the litter bags and reach regularly to the safe abode of the litter collector and not the corner of the street by the lamp-post. That is us. These actions follow because we see people not littering, we see people following rules and we know that everyone is being watched by law and order.
Back home, we do the same things, follow the people around us. Since the heap of garbage lies at the corner street, I go there during the wee hours to add a little more to the heap. Who would notice (I am not being watched). The cigarette bud goes flying out of the car window, again everyone does that, I am just following, who would notice. The stinky wall by the pavement is the sign of men urinating on the wall, how another round would make a difference, we add to that. That is us……. Indians, very us.
Again, we keep our houses clean, the domestic help makes sure to broom and sweep without fail everyday. Cleanliness is next to Godliness as we know and follow. All the garbage from the last day lands outside the main gate of the house. Our house remains clean. Similarly, we do not litter the city we live in. The wrappers and tetra-packs, the cans and the food left overs go into a bin or a poly/paper bag in general. However, when we are tourists, be become decorative and more carefree and start littering as we do not belong there.
This is extremely sad. No one can correct us if we do not do it ourselves. We are required to be under the surveillance of our own conscience. We would have to make the effort to treat this country like to take the effort to clean our houses. We would have to take a step to stop the fellow litterbugs.
Litterbug should not be the ones who litters around, litterbugs should be the people who bug the ones who litter around. How about picking up the wrapper from the street and putting it in the pocket of the one who threw it on the street. Or, picking up the banana peel and throwing it back into the car. May be this will make them realize where they are going wrong and they are being monitored, if they are not. Why not take this initiative to be the bugs for the ones who litter around???

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Man Enough

At the juncture of this era where we find everything conveniently breaking apart, there are times in life we feed a hope on the Men-kind to be man enough to put one thing together for us. It is the hope of giving him the place where I force myself to believe in him in spite of all odds. He is the superior, awarded by the society, not because he proves to be one but because he is born to be a man. Is it so? Is it just being born with an intromittent organ that lets a man take one step forward in the society?
He is predictable, he is all of himself most of the time, he is all about his whims and fancies the other times but is he man enough to prove to her that all men are not the same. I know men who are predictable, all of themselves most of the time, all about the whims and fancies the other times yet they are man enough to stand by if not always stand up. Courage is always required to fight a war. But this is no war…this is existence, compassion and to abide with the faith your woman offers her all to you with. It is being simply man enough.

Relationships are ignorant. While one makes it a habit to forget and forgive, the other lives in whim of being the superior and hence not a subject of complaint. If a man does not own up the responsibilities, there is no point in chasing him to bring about a realization. This is where I come to conclude when I look into the situation of one of my closest person. A day in her life goes to prepare herself to be up to the mark to fit his fancies, the other day goes engrossed in his thoughts and yet another day goes to make things ready to perfection and wait for his homecoming for a small span of time. Oh!! That is all he has to offer her from his long stretched vacations allocated completely for the rest of the people associated with him. That is all she gets.

Is it a man thing to be ignorant of the values he gets from his surrounding? Well no, not always because there are women who are blessed with a man so consumed in her, so complete with her and so cherished by her. Or is it the woman who lures a man to be the way he is. Men are soluble elements and that is why they are passed on from a mother to a partner to a wife and to a daughter. Is it his nature to adapt that often leaves him unaware and untouched about the episodes that is building and breaking the woman he is with. He is the one who is broken by one woman and passed on to the other to mend and mold. Who made him the superior? It is definitely the woman who hisses on his capabilities to destroy him with all her coy and again gives him the love, care and respect to build himself as the wall of the fort.

Relationship is indeed truly ignorant….. a puzzle that we view through the colorful kaleidoscope.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Book Review: Rapescar by Gaurav Sharma

Book: RAPESCARS...They never heal
Author: Gaurav Sharma
Genre: Fiction
Ratings: 4.5/5
ISBN: 9788192982748
Number of Pages: 150
Review Date: 3rd February 2015
Review on behalf of - The Readers Cosmos

My Ratings: 4/5
Plot – 5/5
Characters – 5/5
Style – 4/5
Climax – 4/5
Cover Page – 4/5

My Review: "Rapescar" is a different stroke by Gaurav Sharma. It is encouraging if society learns a lesson from the plot. We often get carried away by how often we get to hear about Rape. At times we protest, we write, we participate for causes, at times we criticize the system and get traumatised by the way our society is restructuring into new insecurities.
Gaurav has written this book beyond every classified and stereotypical thoughts. Hence I had mentioned that this book could be a lesson to fight back.
A Rape happens generally the way the victim gets into the vicious cycle. 
The story takes off only after the incident.
The girl does not shy out, the family does not break down, a lawyer pillars the required strength and the victim punishes the culprit to invoke a realisation of the mistake and repent for it.
Isn't this an ideal social framework? If this is our learning, if this is what the society encourages us to do, the numbers would o down, the panic of living a victimised life would go away and the courage to fight for oneself will arise.

The writing is crisp, detailed yet not vandalised. The plot is extremely different, practical and not imaginative. Often in the courtroom acts of our society, sexual norms are more broadly differentiated where the victim gets victimised publicly and the culprit gets to stand there and have the virtual repetition of his elated act.The forum performance in the courtroom, the details of medical steps and the brutal face of law has been beautifully described.

There has been flaws in the editing with regards to the dates and grammar here and there, however, the intense of the story will keep the audience concentrated to what is going to happen next.

On a whole, this is a good read, a lesson to Change our mind about what we frame the episode of Rape to be. 

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Miles of Smiles - with Lufthansa !!

We are Indians belonging to a country where everything has always got bigger and better. Starting from the population to patents, from mobile phone users to the number of cars, from Silicon Capitalization to skyscrapers, we have grown bigger always. Our meals are big, our holidays are expensive and our weddings are the big fat Indian weddings. Our festivals are big, we have big heart filled with overwhelming happiness and acceptance for every religion and region. We follow the trait of “Atithi Deva Bhavo” in a big way.

When we travel, it again has to be big and luxurious. We offer the best of feel at home for everyone and expect the same to come to us. That’s why we are not a 3rd world anyone but flying the first nation. We have a bigger audience for everything we do. We look for the best in everything. We continue to be the biggest source of travelers to US, UK, Germany and a lot many places across the globe be in for recreation or business. With this diversity, airlines have taken their best foot forward by providing culinary diversity for us. Lufthansa is one of them. A complete at home feel with them comes when we take off for our journey. We are comfortable, composed and happy with the Lufthansa India website, experience. The bigger flight does not cramp travelers to be scared of the long hours. The menu is embroidered beautifully with choices that we can associate with closely. While the unknowns lie ahead by hours, the stomach is still happy to be at home with the delicious aroma of the food being served.

And as Rabindranath Tagore had written:

I travelled the old road every day, I took my fruits to the market,

my cattle to the meadows, I ferried my boat across the stream
And all the ways were well known to me!!

That is how the known path and the known being make all of us feel. The path which is unknown and unpredicted become easy when adorned by things we relate to. The comfort and the way in which our senses relate to the surrounding helps us relax, tweet our activities with our selfies on #LufthansaA380 and enjoy the time.

Lufthansa has done the same thing. They have offered us the space to spread our thoughts, the comfort to relate to the environment, the food to feel at home and grounded and the beautiful in-flight entertainment to relax and enjoy the flight which they look after our safety and fly to the illustrious, beautiful and historical Germany.

To add on, the airfares are indulging to go for the experience, for the best of our times and fondest of our memories. That is one and most important reason that we look forward to miles of smiles with Lufthansa.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Speaking Tree !!

                                                                                                                    Dated: 19th November 2014

How I wish, there would be speaking trees in the backyard.

I would go to them every now and then to vent out all I have inside my mind, all that I have been protecting for so long and taking care of forever. It is difficult to be a good listener, more difficult to be able to take it all. While all the ones think that they could possibly bring their baggage’s to rest by me, they also realize how I have able to practice the fact of excusing all that I am devoured from.

I have a friend who comes to rest her baggage every now and then. I listen to her like a fairytale gone bad. She tells me as if she has been talking to the speaking tree. She finds hers here while I keep looking for mine. Another one comes to me when she needs to. Sometimes, those needs are from mind to material. From advices to adversities. From a pair of shoes to a pair ears. And then comes the time when they are not to be seen anywhere. They are not to be heard of as well. I know in my heart that they are happy and they are in good hands of happy times. I remain happy for them till they come across looking for again.

When I look around for a pair of ears, for a pair of hand to hold my when I am falling apart, I come to realize that they have forgotten what I have done for them, I have forgotten what they have done to me in return to make me stop going to them to find my speaking tree. With time all that I did not forget is how they have made me feel.

And now when I look back, I see that I only remember the pain and the sweetness is all gone. I only see their hunger and the fondness is all gone. I had waited for these friend to come back when I too need them around. I am waited for them to share my sadness and joy like I have done for them. This waiting, with passing of time has become a painful deed. I have not forgotten what they have because forgetting is also a painful thing to do. More painful is to know which one of the two I should do.

Pain is inevitable and to not be able to share it, to bear it all by myself is the feeling that makes me realize that love is so short. So here I am still looking for my speaking tree to whom I can talk about those bruises that hurt me the most and tear me apart wile I hide them from everyone and guard them to safety.

How I wish, there would be a speaking trees in the backyard. 

Sunday, 21 September 2014


There is a place in my heart that travels far away for a smile that lights up the hidden strength in me. It is fearful but it is bold and among all the lonely hours I spend without you, I am fearless to hold your hand for the minutes I am with you.

That joy in your eyes means a lot while I read all the helplessness behind and all the burden on your shoulder where every night you never forget to let me rest my head and count the passing minutes sliding by our hands.

So..I hold your hand when I fall asleep so that I would be strong enough to stop the time from moving so fast between you and me.

That tree in the backyard which we look at everyday stands alone like you and me. It knows the secret of those cold winter nights, it understands that there is something that is meant to be and there are no words to decorate it more beautifully than to let them remain untold.

When I am in today and you are in a yesterday, that tree in the backyard will remain the witness of how braver we are than we believe to be and how stronger we are than it seems to be.

When you are alone sitting there don’t think of the time you could have been in and the time that is not. Look at the spaces between your finger, the gaps there….is me holding on to them always with you. That’s my place; there is no you alone anytime, there is always you and me together.

From The Balcony of My Hotel in Palo Alto, CA.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Reader Review: Beyond School- Chitra Anand

Book: Beyond School
Author: Chitra Anand
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd..
Genre: Fiction
Ratings: 4/5
ISBN: 9789383562404
Number of Pages: 201
Review Date: 31st August 2014
Review on behalf of - The Readers Cosmos

My Ratings: 5/5
Plot – 4/5
Characters – 5/5
Style – 4/5
Climax – 4/5
Cover Page – 3/5
My Review:
Some stories take us back to the school days. A lot many of us had those mundane naughty days in schools where for every little mischief that happens in the uniform, we are a part of the game knowingly or unknowingly. This book is an illustrated delight of those memories. I finished the book at one go without taking a halt and enriching my memories of my school days, having super cool friendly parents and running away from text books and thriving in a foreign country with Indian upbringing.
The writing is simple, the descriptions are uncomplicated and the plot has been staged by the author beautifully. The manner in which Love, hatred, passion, respect, romance and values have been portrayed by the author has a moral to children upbringing strategy as an underline phrase.
The rebel in an adolescent boy, the passion for his ambition, that one teacher who remains a guide come what may be and the supportive yet rule bounded family structure has brought out a picture of child and surrounding relationship that the society so needs to understand today.
I would wish Chitra a wonderful writing time ahead and give this book a 5/5 rating. It is an absolute enjoyment to have one in my bookshelf.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My Super Crazy Asus Zen Phone

My phone will be my style,full of energy !!

So here is my crazy phone with a crazy long life. My ZenFone never dies…The more I use it, the battery gets more life. So, when I travel or trek, I do not worry to charge.  This would be my perfect phone.

While I cram my phone with more and more applications from a loud alarm in the morning, a running and calorie measurer in the gym,  music while I am getting ready, the Ganesha speaks to choose the color for the work attire, music all throughout, traffic updates while I drive and finally calls pouring in and out all throughout. The first thing I finally do when I reach office is plug in the charging node. Sometimes, I feel that my phone has a tail…since when not in use, I am charging it well.

When I saw the promotion of the Asus ZenFone in, I really wished there would be a phone which would charge automatically. I could then imagine my selfie at the Sarpass Trek on the 8th day or the Kailash Mansarvar click on the 20th Day. How I wish…I could simply go about without a tail to my phone.  Likewise, when I am back home on the Fridays office and rush to get ready to break even with the weekend, I would rather be getting decked up for the party rather than bothering about the almost dying phone who requires a charging up to let my guy know when and where to pick me up from. Small yet critical issues, leaves us feel insecure with a dead phone in hand.

Only if my phone charges automatically, I would be more confident, more secure and feel the freedom of dialing out to anyone using my ZenFone 5. This would be innovation ultimate.