Saturday, 22 November 2014

Miles of Smiles - with Lufthansa !!

We are Indians belonging to a country where everything has always got bigger and better. Starting from the population to patents, from mobile phone users to the number of cars, from Silicon Capitalization to skyscrapers, we have grown bigger always. Our meals are big, our holidays are expensive and our weddings are the big fat Indian weddings. Our festivals are big, we have big heart filled with overwhelming happiness and acceptance for every religion and region. We follow the trait of “Atithi Deva Bhavo” in a big way.

When we travel, it again has to be big and luxurious. We offer the best of feel at home for everyone and expect the same to come to us. That’s why we are not a 3rd world anyone but flying the first nation. We have a bigger audience for everything we do. We look for the best in everything. We continue to be the biggest source of travelers to US, UK, Germany and a lot many places across the globe be in for recreation or business. With this diversity, airlines have taken their best foot forward by providing culinary diversity for us. Lufthansa is one of them. A complete at home feel with them comes when we take off for our journey. We are comfortable, composed and happy with the Lufthansa India website, experience. The bigger flight does not cramp travelers to be scared of the long hours. The menu is embroidered beautifully with choices that we can associate with closely. While the unknowns lie ahead by hours, the stomach is still happy to be at home with the delicious aroma of the food being served.

And as Rabindranath Tagore had written:

I travelled the old road every day, I took my fruits to the market,

my cattle to the meadows, I ferried my boat across the stream
And all the ways were well known to me!!

That is how the known path and the known being make all of us feel. The path which is unknown and unpredicted become easy when adorned by things we relate to. The comfort and the way in which our senses relate to the surrounding helps us relax, tweet our activities with our selfies on #LufthansaA380 and enjoy the time.

Lufthansa has done the same thing. They have offered us the space to spread our thoughts, the comfort to relate to the environment, the food to feel at home and grounded and the beautiful in-flight entertainment to relax and enjoy the flight which they look after our safety and fly to the illustrious, beautiful and historical Germany.

To add on, the airfares are indulging to go for the experience, for the best of our times and fondest of our memories. That is one and most important reason that we look forward to miles of smiles with Lufthansa.

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