Thursday, 25 February 2016

Lost Thoughts

And I took a step back. Is it time yet….?? Is it time to take a deep breath and count the time in my fingers? This is a day and that was a day. This is the time …. To take a plunge into the binocular of beautiful dreams I flipped in the magazine and would come out in the open to hug me tight. 

This is the day I feel I wish I had many more calendars with pictures of the Neverland’s. The dates in the calendars do not exist anymore, the beauty of the pictures float in front of my eyes. 

I have always been bad with numbers. So bad…that my instinct guide me to look up for an important date that I am about to miss. I am bad with figures, neither graphs interest me nor does my ever rising weight encourage me to do something about it. I said I am bad with figures.

The only thing I have believed in are colors of life, scent of the breath, touch of the nature and tiny triumphs of happiness. Dreams have no wings. If they had false flitting shapes, they would never be seedlings of reality. I tend to tread the reality; they let the dreams last as long and as far as I want them to. 

It’s like Deja-Vu all over again!! Or it is not. It is the opposite of the same feeling. It is a reality that I have dreamt of. It is the life I lived every moment. They are the paths I have taken always. But they are not. They are different all together, unfamiliar.

I have never been in those paths and they is full of strangers. Jamais Vu…. All !!!

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