Saturday, 14 February 2015

Is it Valentine in our head yet????

Is it the day to celebrate love yet? A tacky celebration of retails and F&B does define the celebration of love with cards,flowers,dinner,drink and gift. That one day says it all. We start afresh, to encourage love in the months to come till next year. Will love bloom really and will all the sour go away with the tiny celebration of thanking one another of being there during the past times of high and low. Oh yes it will. Celebrating and cherishing the silent thankfulness of having one another in life.

However, it should not be a one day affair. A celebration not to post on the social networking, a celebration not because it is called Valentime's Day. Staying by and being there round the time is more of a celebration to thank one another on this day. That's when a celebration counts in.

Not everyone goes by retail hopping and online digging to show that one cares, at times it is about a comfortable time of lunch together or stopping by to blanket the disturbing pains. It could be thinking beyond ones own needs and comforts and offering to listen out the other one. It's about simply saying thank you for being there right then. It is about knowing that something has to be set right before it is too late. Knowing that there is a human heart which waits for an assurance that it is not too late yet.

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