Thursday, 19 February 2015

What are we afraid of?

Fear of not doing or not being able to takes most of us in most we do. It the fear even a truth or even a worth to deal with and if it were would there be people killing it everyday to take the risk they want to. One thing is required to come to realisation and that one thing is either to kill the fear or get killed by it.
Fear of what others will think of you is the most common killer so far. Who has the ownership of being judgemental? Who has the submission to take on to the judgements given. No one can ever travel the journey of another to understand how much it takes for a person to overcome and be one self and not replicate an already existing someone else.
The fear of not having enough of - money or material. This journey of life to face the mirror at the grave has been planned alone. So face the mirror contented of the journey so far and wish you have lived more to do what you have loving to do and not to make the corrections of all the doings. Money and Material is not our friends to the grave, well no one is. At least live a fulfilled life trying to kill the fear of insecurity.
The fear of loosing a job is less about the job and more about the identity on line. First of all, if you are good enough, there should not be fear to loose. If there is the fear, you are not good enough. Work has to be done to get things on track. We do not have a job that offers us ultimate happiness, but if we are in one that offers us nothing it is time to kill the fear and look for a different one. If we are not finding one, we are not looking enough for the one we should be looking for.

The choices we are born with needs to be executed, the choices that we think we deserve are to be made by us. Someone else will not make our choices  for us and if someone else is doing that, then it is in their benefit and cannot be blamed. You are the one who have to face the fear and overcome it. You are one who have to fight your own battle if you want to be the one who wants to win the battle.

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