Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Truth.................... !!

The moment of truth is here. When I look around I see people trying to be who they are not. Being the cool they are not, being the stable they are not and being the fighter they are not. They are not my problem as well. Their problems are another completely different set of people who know and are exactly what they know about themselves.

I am one of them. Being a rebel for everything is definitely not the being correct. But being what I think is correct is not being wrong as well. I am what I believe in and I disgust being who I am not. I also disgust people who act to be what they are not. I feel repugnance towards the ones who fail to be themselves and struggle to be someone else.

There is no harm in quenching ones thirst of knowledge. There is no harm in diving into the darkness of disbelief to finally find the light of what is scientifically worth believing. Generation hand over their manuscripts of knowledge and as they move from 1st hand to a 2nd hand down the cohorts, they formulate every declaration of the script according to their convenience. There is no greatness in being imprudent and carrying over what has been handed to you. Imprudence is so filled with antipathy. And performing a transaction with the antipathy is worse. That is what I tend to discover myself doing now and then. That is when I knock the door of nothingness where I reach a moment of complete darkness. I feel numb, I feel drugged and I feel as if I am sinking to nothingness.

That…is the moment to face the truth. That is the moment to move away, move a step back and open up to the starlit sky. That is the moment to realize that I have to move on and I have to stay on, I have to adopt silence and I have to make sense, I have to move far away and I have to find myself.

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