Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My Super Crazy Asus Zen Phone

My phone will be my style,full of energy !!

So here is my crazy phone with a crazy long life. My ZenFone never dies…The more I use it, the battery gets more life. So, when I travel or trek, I do not worry to charge.  This would be my perfect phone.

While I cram my phone with more and more applications from a loud alarm in the morning, a running and calorie measurer in the gym,  music while I am getting ready, the Ganesha speaks to choose the color for the work attire, music all throughout, traffic updates while I drive and finally calls pouring in and out all throughout. The first thing I finally do when I reach office is plug in the charging node. Sometimes, I feel that my phone has a tail…since when not in use, I am charging it well.

When I saw the promotion of the Asus ZenFone in, I really wished there would be a phone which would charge automatically. I could then imagine my selfie at the Sarpass Trek on the 8th day or the Kailash Mansarvar click on the 20th Day. How I wish…I could simply go about without a tail to my phone.  Likewise, when I am back home on the Fridays office and rush to get ready to break even with the weekend, I would rather be getting decked up for the party rather than bothering about the almost dying phone who requires a charging up to let my guy know when and where to pick me up from. Small yet critical issues, leaves us feel insecure with a dead phone in hand.

Only if my phone charges automatically, I would be more confident, more secure and feel the freedom of dialing out to anyone using my ZenFone 5. This would be innovation ultimate. 

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