Monday, 4 July 2011!!

The website that reads I paid A Bribe looks authentic.
To eradicate the bribe paying system...the entire country is trying to pen down issues and upload writeups. We get to anonymously report a bribe, we get to view a bribe report and we have tips and turns to prevent paying bribe.

Then what....??
What happens next??
Who can be reported....and who cannot be?
Can we report the people who interact us in our day to day life? I want to start from my surrounding. Everyday...on a regular basis we try to please people in our surrounding to get rid of a small chunk of uneasiness from our daily life.We do that extra mile at work to outshine or escape a small axing from there...Can I take the privilege of calling that a bribe?
We keep numb to issues, though rarely, to keep the peace going and to avoid unconventional conversation.Do I call that a bribe??? We hold on to our patience, push us to an extent till the time our nerves burst out screaming for some that a Bribe???

Why do we do it? Is it some kind of treaty that we have signed anonymously to be in the receiving end ???
Finally who all do we pay bribe to? Can we report them all?? And will the system of reporting them.....change the face of the society??
Or should the change come from within??
Rather, should we not change ourselves....!! If it is a "No" let it be a Clean No. If what we are doing is what we want to do, let it be it and let it be because we can face it.
Let us not try and make the person in concern feel comfortable at the cost of our uncomfortable encounters !! Let us stop this system of bribe from our living rooms !!

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