Thursday, 22 September 2011

Friend for Life Vs. Sign a Bond !!

Nothing Keeps a household at bay and the dwellers on their toe more than petty lively houseful debates.A perfect household is the one where the two people agree to absolutely nothing.
Polar disagreement on everything, not trying to adjust anywhere beyond and again not adjusting so much to pull the string to an extent when it finally breaks...In this household, one sets expectations and the other knows where the line is to be drawn drawn.
More so, the best ones are the combination like a hard working dedicated, looking forward to do better and best person with a violent restless psychopath.
Spice it up more...they be from 2 different region, different history, society and cultural outfit...the entire relationship quotient is grounded in grammatical and semantic disputes.

Both believe that The key to a successful relationship is communication...while one talks it out to the other, the other one only talk in the mind.There are certain verbal shortcuts to a lot of arguments. Sure, it could be eased into things, build up momentum slowly, but that's so wasteful.Hence they say zero-to-arguments during those times.

Finally they warm up, get back to each other and declare that they are everlasting friends.Being "Single-enough" is awesome, more good is to have a friend to cushion in.These friends are set in their ways by time, and mostly they just don't want to step up to that level of responsibility and emotional entanglements that go along and there is not much impetus for these people to change.It is so much easier to go on with a fairly comfortable situation than to suffer the pangs that go along with emotional entanglement and continuous change in life.

So being friends and being together are the best things that a man and his best woman can do.They are already committed to all that they have to commit and doesn't want to change the status quo.They have practically burnt the bridge and crossed it too.They be in peace and they be happy in contrary to the so called full of Opportunity and self-respect oriented "Sign a Bond" relationship where the household runs by "shoot the other person and mount his head in the living-room" theory.

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