Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Figments of Life....!!

I stand facing the blank nothingness, searching for a non existing feeling of life. Life, for me, has no definition other than the fact that I do not belong to it. Life, for me, has no path to follow, not road to lead and no destination to reach. When I looked ahead for directions from life, I had none. Now that I have managed to find my roads and thrive for my needs to go without the signboards, I get too many directions and signals. I feel lost, confused,devastated and controlled. My instinct at that moment shrinks with the fright of going wrong and going hay-way. Without the glow signs and the rule book,my senses guides me in glory. What rule does life has…I do not know. All I know and believe is that Life is someone I have not met and have not seen and the unseen cannot guide me.
I have never met life to shake hands and come in terms with it. It has always been someone out there who has confused me, misguided me and questioned my capability and challenged me. It terrified me like a tornado…destroying everything I built now and then. I had to stand there telling myself to be strong, making myself to fight it and believing in being un-tamable. When I got something precious, life conditioned me to settle for and give it away. When I threw away an unwanted, I was made to pick it up and save it for all I have. I own nothing today; nothing is there to be called as mine, to be possessed, to fear or to loose. Nothing waits for my smile or tears. I just keep walking…fighting the battle and moving on, picking up the harmless silver stones that I find while I walk.

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