Saturday, 17 December 2011

Free from you - I am !!

I woke up today to miss no one……I was surprised. I did not know what I was waking up from? A dream or a reality.
Have i been gone too long that I missed no one? Have I been alone too long to miss any one? But who would I miss??... I've never had you so close to miss you when you are away.Never felt you as owned. What is you? Who is you? I do not know what to miss… Your absence has passed through me in a painful way, more than we have imagined.
We all continue to live with some pain. Some shared…some buried deep within. At times we get the opportunity to throw the pain and garland of blame to someone and forgive our own self from the burden. There are times when we don’t know whom to throw the pain on and whom not to garland with the pain. There lies the strength. The strength of being able to uphold it and cherish it as if nothing had even been wrong between me and my pain.I have never missed you......I am free.

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