Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Jinx of Love !!

(Post conversation with a closest friend..............., I too spoke to myself!!)

Why do people suddenly get ready for marriage? Is it love, is it self decision to keep a  promise to be with each other, is it looking forward to togetherness or is it the fear of loneliness that intensifies after every body else got married.

I just came across two perfectly good people who finally got into a very imperfect situation called marriage and within a short period of time, started dragging it to an extent that they now finally await the judge’s approval to call it a TATA BYE BYE.

Love is never disrespectful, if it is, then it is not Love. We must think it over and over again. We all  deserve better life. One partner is not entitled to emotionally manipulate the other to do something they do not believe in.

Darn....................none of us get married for so called love they sing in the Bollywood flicks and the romance of the Mills and Boons series. Does love just pass us by nowadays or is it that it doesn’t exist at all. We all finally get married for all the wrong reasons.

Does anyone think about mere companionship of doing things together? Did anyone ask before marriage what is required, what will be combated and what can be worked out together? Does anyone decide of build a house with the complete effort of the 2 people whose dreams will be nurtured in it without advices and nosing of all the 3rd elements in their surrounding? 

It is never so, Hence, the other partner keeps on funding themselves in the rut and finally lives in a every second day situation which land the relationship into a phase too good to leave and too bad to stay.


  1. Men are from Mars Women are form Venus... there is a reason why somebody said that. Choosing to live life in the confines of "Marriage" is a big choice to make. Neither will it end being right nor will it end being wrong. We live in a pseudo modern society where we are neither fully attached nor detached from emotions. The more you think of it murkier it gets. Go with the flow and dare to see what surprises life throws up...!

  2. I guess very few ppl marry for love...As per soceity norms..its just for companionship.....Just a tag-"married"....