Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Life has suddenly filled up with list of mundane doings that I dont want to do but know that i have to and i should do. Soft living has become the theme that is inseparably connected.

It is getting me nowhere but to the guilt of ultimate complicasy. It is the golden rule that lets one do all the things that is never wished to do less. The mind today is tempted to break free from all the duties that are faithfully put on me with the thankless stars on my shoulder.

It hold me forever, like a crutch, when i know that I have my own leg to walk away to the path I want to. I am not a Puritan, not devine, nor a samurai. Listen to my unwelcome truth and let me free.

I am not meant to be in this, though it makes me think that i would survive it in a hopeless way.

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