Saturday, 1 June 2013

Live ~ While it is not too late !!

The number of breaths that we take between the time we live is called life. While we live, the things that let us live and not just exist or co-exist are the moments which take us to where we want to go. These moments allow us to be the one we desire to be and grant us an identity.

Everyone has an unusual life, everyone want to live theirs differently. Again, there are the ones among us who gaze away to live like someone else. While they transform into a different person, they lose the ones who were associated with their real self. We leave everything behind to wrap the world in our embrace and we loose something more precious, our soul self.

There is incredible existence deep inside two people that has no name; it is not love, hatred, feeling, sex or companionship. It is nameless, but soulful. It is the acts of common instinct, something denoted by wavelengths. It might not be an act to battle together or accomplish a bond, but it is doing things similar, together or separate, the proceeding remaining the same. It is like ecstasy, where every individual dwell in different thoughts through the same medium.

So, the psyche had built a plan to live this life, to set free the dreams, to climb the mountains, swim the oceans, watch the sunset, read the books and enjoy the music under the deserted tree, on the whole to listen to the heart. And now, one part of the soul looked further away into another, away from its own. It now wants to take the jet plane and circle the world, climb the ladder and reach the top.

Nothing will wait for one’s convenience to reunite. No one fails to know that loneliness is not the way of living. While you is busy with everyone talking around you to climbs the ladder to reach the high, to compete and to win the battle, you will fails to listen to the truth of your heart. If there is no silence, the unnamed space inside you will not speak a word. When surrounded by so many ambitions one does not find the unnamed space to preserve the memories to look back to? Memories are not preserved in the heart or in the head. They are preserved in the beautifully decorated frame of space in the wrapped world people create.

Soulful ??? Then Live ~ While it is not too late !!

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