Thursday, 8 August 2013

Creating a Happy Holiday

Idea of a Happy Holiday is about never finishing holidaying.
Every time we went holidaying, I always hoped that the days will never end; I always thought that the knowledge gained by visiting places and absorbing the climate, culture and surrounding is greater than what books and degrees could coach us into. I remember debating with my father on this topic to which he would create a more potent theory to enlighten me that in order to meet the expenses of such holidays, one should study, go back to school and college and then to work and keep coming back to holidays. All I got from these conversations was that, we are going in circles. But I knew, someday, I will holiday my life.
I grew up, finished the pursuit of my happiness and drew a completion to my degrees. I then got myself enrolled as a member of the overhyped IT crowd and indulged in little breaks every now and then. Till one day, after about 9 years of this grinding, I realized that I am again going in the circles of life. The job I was doing is definitely not my path to holiday my life and this is not what I am meant for. I decided to walk out of this industry that day with no prior plan, I took to live my life and take along with me all those people who matters. I start my travel plan alone, my only companion, my photography gear.
The beautiful country, India, is travelled extensively by people across the world. How many of us in India have seen the country? I will do.
My travel planner is and my destination is Incredible India. I started my rigorous planning and preparation of the itinerary. I promised myself to travel as much as I can, to experience to the most and to find myself something that I would love to do when I am back. Monsoon is lashing the country from corner to corner and I know that this is the best time to head out. My plan is extensive and what I look out to do is to invite the special people in my life, who are scattered across the country and who I get to talk to only over one of the many social networking sites, to travel with me when I pass their lives.
My travel starts from the southern extreme of the country, from the God’s own Country, Kerala. My closest of all friends always wanted a Houseboat experience and since he is the one who encouraged me to break away from the routine and chase my dreams, I plan to start my trip with him. I would be leaving for Kerala on the 10th of August 2013. Starting from Alleppey  to Kumarakom and the kovalam, kanyakumari and the finally to Varkala where I would be joined by my little brother. Post that, my plan is to be back to Bangalore, see Nrityagram and head towards western ghats. Enjoy Sakleshpur, Kukke Subramanya, Dudhsagar and then Goa. There I would meet my closest friend and leave for Castle rock and head towards the Guntakal- Guntur route. Here, I would visit the Cumbum Lake, the oldest Man Made lake in Asia and then leave for Araku Valley. My route will take my from Araku to Koraput, a place where scenic beauty can be seen from 800 mts above sea level. I would absorb everything that I pass through and then go through Chilka lake to reach Bhubaneswar. My student day’s memories stay with me till day and I would meet my dear people who are still there, My next destination is Konark temple and Puri. Here, I meet my parents and spend a handful time with them and leave for Bodhgaya. This journey would be followed by Prayag, gaya, Kasi, Varanasi, Allahabad and finally to Agra. The beautiful sunrise in Fatehpur Sikri, the sun set in Taj Mahal and then start for Dharamshala or towards Ajmer Sharif or Waga Border through the Golden Temple.
My tour will continue ahead of this as this is what I have planned so far. I would meet people, make new friends, spend time with all the people scattered around the country, who have made a mark in my life sometimes or the other. I would also go Manali and meet my favorite teacher who had told my parents to make a human being out of me and not a scorecard, a nanny in Manipur, who had kissed my forehead and put me to sleep when my mother went to work. A friend in Sanchi, who had left his being and gone back to take care of his ailing parents and a handful of friend in Punjab who has always been there for me.
This would be my perfect trip. I want to do a lot more than just taking with me, a handful of people and making them happy. There are more than a handful of close friends and family who has made me who I am today and I want to make all of them happy. The biggest happiness that I can give anyone is my time.

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