Wednesday, 24 July 2013

When I am Gone

(Found this among my small notes written on 9th June 2011, 23:55 pm)

You could shed the tears now that I'm gone,
You could smile because I have lived my life.
You can close your eyes and pray that I safely come back,
Or, You can open your eyes and look around for all that i've left behind.

Your empty heart could be yearning to see me,
or you could be lost in all the time we shared.
U could turn your back on tomorrow and dwell among yesterday,
or you could be happy for tomorrow for our moments of yesterday.

You can remember me only now that I am gone,
So, cherish the memory and let it breathe to live on.
Do not cry and close your mind, be saddened and turn your back.
Do what I'd always wanted you to: smile, open your eyes, look for love around and go on !!

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