Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Sign Language !!

After pushing you far away and walking to the other end of my mind, I jumped into the ocean of uncertainty. I love the ocean, I visit it every vacation and read books with it, listen to music with it, roll on the sun, dive deep into it. But…I never go and stay by it. The ocean I know is unknown to me for so many reasons. Wherever I go, how far my running away takes me, I am fine since I know where I can get back. And that is to you. Good things never end, purity never vanishes. Dreams never vanish. I have you secured in those dreams which if lost, I would lose my mind. And with my mind, you will be gone. To keep everything in place I keep dreaming.

Your being present is a lot meaningful, religious and satisfying moment for me. Your letting me brew coffee or light a candle to share a silence speaks all my heart for the rest of my life. A sketch of my future you try to draw tells me every moment of the seconds we are there, that, where we belong.

I am sorry, I cannot speak so rationally, but I can put colors to the conversation. This is my hideous requirement to be something more than just a human being. Drive the language of signs and not of words. Signs will keep us connected, even when words do not flow between us.

And so, I will dream more dreams since it is worth doing. What is worth doing is definitely worth overdoing. Then, when you confront my corpse, the absolute absence of life will not disturb you at all. I will be right there touching you with my signs.


  1. when you gotta go you gotta go !! :)

  2. describe your journey from WonderLand to TimbacToo !!!