Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Teacher !!

It had been a very tiring episode for my mind to run back and visit the last 8 years of my short and vivid life. I met almost everyone there, missing out a few less impacted people whom I tend not to remember. At every turn I took, I failed to see myself today where I stand when viewed from then. What a dilemma I was in during those deciding years of my career and self? I laughed at myself........kiddish as I was !!! One thing surprised me a lot. All the people who seemed to be a significant someone for me does not exist today... in fact they don’t even make a difference to me today. So I decided to come back to where I am. I thought for a long time!!

Today I have a new set of acquaintance who promises to be with me for the rest of my breath. However, after visiting the last 8 years I do not believe them either. At these deciding edges, I had come across people counted in fingers who had been a pillar to my thoughts.

There was one instance where a man, a substitute teacher, inspired me. It was in an English class and we were all snickering at the fact that this man was a assigned educator for us. I still remember the day when he 1st entered the classroom. He cleared his voice and began to talk to us. Never before had I seen a whole class stopping and listening to a teacher, regular or substitute. He told us of life..... philosophy. His voice was so quiet and smooth that not a single student made the slightest move for the whole half hour he talked to us. He just said these things off the top of his head about writing what you care about. He was truly the most inspiring man I have ever known. Throughout the duration of my seemingly short life I have searched for the person who would open my eyes to the world. Someone who would challenge me, helping me to discover who I truly was. He told us the reason why he liked being a substitute was that he liked being able to throw away the plan for the day and inspire. Amazing!!! At the end of the class, he gave another eloquent speech about how he enjoyed teaching us. "Maybe we will get to see each other again. All we have to do is hope," he sang. He made me aspire to do something different and to follow my heart no matter what it says. Thinking that I might never get a chance to meet him again makes me sad. At the end of the class, we cheered. In my heart, I believe at least I had a hope that we shall meet again.

The most obvious position in which someone can be in to have an effect on other people is a teacher. And yet my calculus teacher is undoubtedly one of the most surprisingly and profoundly influential person I've ever met in my entire life. Not knowing an answer is not an excuse for not getting it right. Never in my life would I have imagined I was capable of the things I have undertaken in her class. For the first time I understand the plausibility of "you can do anything you put your mind to". My whole view on life has changed dramatically, and I now look forward to the challenges and successes I know my life will bring. I wake up every morning knowing nothing is impossible and I can be free to dream whatever I wish because it could very well become reality. Evoking inspiration is the true aspiration of passion-is truly what I believe today.

Today,...I know only one thing when i wake up in the morning. I know nothing !! There comes a young start.

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