Friday, 19 July 2013

Time Traveler

Don’t judge me in the mercy of your thought,
I had walked into your life to find love
Not to be a material conquered with passion.

In the midst of your disapproval, I have looked away with time
This time is crucial, as I look into the blank to find you
I think and rethink, how did it get so late, so soon

I turn around and see my time traveler where I had left it
Hugging our memories of fondness and approval, Nameless

I am looked upon as old fashioned since I wait for your approval
I wait for the first move from your senses.
I live in my past, with its outstretched hand to take me
I feel progress progresses too fast

Today I set you free, be who you want to be
There will be no time limit to return home and no rule to bind you
You can change yourself or be the same
You can make the best or the worst of it
You can live your pride and be a star, and if you fail
                     Be courageous to start all over again.

I will not be your time traveler.

I will not wait for you; it is hard to be the one waiting

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