Sunday, 17 January 2010

Global warming for real or is it all hype ??

Is global warming for real or is it all hype ??

Bahar Dutt:

We all simply do talk about it every now and then. Is it not just to show that we are also a part of the contributing and concerned class. Are we really doing enough to take a stand on this situation. Simple activities just to tell oneself that "Yes, I have done my part" is the most we can do in a day to day life. Discussions and debates will never come to end. Environmentalists will do their part, news channel will do their part, politicians will do their part,filmdom will do their endorsements and common men will watch them. Peep into all their homes.....and find them contributing more and more to worsen the situation.

Lets not discuss,debate and indulge. Lets just switch of the electronics power plug rather than leaving them in standby once done. Lets go paperless.lets bring home a sapling, lets Go Green !!

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