Thursday, 28 January 2010

THe Mayawati - Verdict !!

Mayawati is a phenomenon to Modern India.

She is the creator of history in whatever sense it may be...good or bad.

Her Dalit uplift reform is a good work however, the complete plan needs channelization.Today is the D-Day for our lady. The Supreme court verdict needs to be justifyable in a practical order.

If she wishes to be the Goddess for the Dalits, she has to play the savior-built schools,make sure that every Dalit child is educated, build industry and make them work efficient, Give them protection from the terrors of daily life, food,shelter etc.That is what a man would pray for when he joins his hand in front of the Almighty.

Building monument is a complete waste of money. When one is socially tampered, economically killed everyday...he/she does not go and see monuments. They stand on the main gate to the monument and beg for food.
The stretch of the Noida-Gurgaon connector ails my heart every time I pass the huge beautiful monument. We have lost the greenery there to the concrete beauty. Should Mayawati not restore that ??? What does justice say??

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