Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Google Chrome - Facts

The unique features that are only available in Google Web Browser are you’re seriously going to miss them in other popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Fire fox, Apple Safari or Opera.

Task Manager for Websites:
Shift+Escape and it will open up a ‘task manager’ with a list of all websites currently open inside Chrome.

Visual Browser History
This is a feature Chrome borrowed from Google Desktop / Google Web History.
Type Ctrl+H to open your browser history and search for a term

Super Clean Contextual Menus:
You right click an hyperlink on a web page and you get only five relevant options to deal with that link.
The number comes down to four when you right click any image in Chrome. There’s way too much clutter in Firefox menus.

Search Your Favorite Websites from the Address Bar:
This is brilliant. If you visit a website that includes site search (for instance: search.labnol.org) - Chrome will automatically recognize and add that search engine for you so the next time you can perform a search on that site via the Chrome address bar itself
See Memory Used by Different Browsers:
Open a new tab inside Chrome browser and type "about: memory" (without quotes) - somewhere at the top, you’ll see a list of browser processes that are currently running on your system and the amount of memory they are using.
Reopen Website tabs that you closed by mistake:
Firefox 3 has this "Undo Closed Tab" option in the menu while you can open closed tabs in Opera via the Ctrl+Z shortcut.
To re-open a closed tab in Google Chrome, just hit Ctrl+T and you’ll see an option that says "Recently closed tabs" - click the one you closed by accident.

Launch Websites from the Start Menu / Quick Launch Bar:
Desktop shortcuts for web pages are possible with other browsers as well but Google Chrome makes the whole flow very easy. Open any site and choose "Create application shortcut" from the File menu.

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