Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Kasab - Kapital Punishment Awaiting

Indian Constituency has an amazing set of dirty dealing with the citizens here. They acquire tax to cause all sorts of painful day to day amendment to the tax payers.The spend uncountable amount of currency to protect a criminal who finally has to sentenced.They follow up commandable amount of trial and error to protest terrorism and do nothing to the real convicts.What the Indian government needs to decide primarily is what are we looking for?
Are we fighting Pakistan as a country or are we fighting terrorism.If we are fighting Pakistan, then why are we spending so much for a criminal like Kasab. Majority population is this country go to sleep with hungry stomach. Kasab needs no trial,no discussion,no decisions.
If we are fighting terrorism, then who is Kasab,Fahim Ansari and Shahabuddin. They are the terrorist accomplices from one country or the other.Why is the discrimanation of judgement for one from Pakistan and the two other from India?
The muslim votebank is ever lucrative to the Indian ruling ministry.Fahim was the one who provided the maps of Mumbai to lashkar a Toiba. Where is his trial?where is the Indian Law heading to when it comes to him.

It is high time that Indian judicial system start dealing with the Islamic terrorists, rather than showing concern to the human rights of their victims.The cannot always think in terms of keeping their ministry running.If Fahim Ansari and Shahabuddin would have been Pakistani Terrorist and Kasab would have been an Indian muslim, would the story being portrayed still be the same?The government in India would have done their best to prove that Kasab needs to safeguarded and the two others needs to be demonstrated as terrorists.
This is where we stand....!!

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