Monday, 9 May 2011

Just for You....!!

The world of trust was so limited until that evening....and I wondered what took me so long to know this.
I was countering myself over and over again before I could face the truth. I played and re played the episode in my mind a thousand times and it ended in the same way... I had come to know that I had very little control over the consequences!!

I had bailed myself out of terrible experiences in life called relationships ,time and on and imbibed a trust in myself that I had a complete control of my life and I was the only one who would successfully manage me.I trusted my instinct and beleived that relationships do not have the potential to sustain.I did not want any emotional jazz to linger and am not ready to carry any emotional baggage.

My outlook mysteriously disappeared.The tenderness that time has offered has left a little scope of realizing how strategic things have been. While restoring my faith and trust in a complete different perspective. I have learnt to be more discerning in looking forward to life.

There could be more to it but at this point of time, I emerged a winner with that little wisdom I gathered !!

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