Saturday, 7 May 2011 myself !!

I am back to be myself....Back on this page after a very long time.
It has taken almost a year now to accumulate the accolades by justifying my contribution to acquire them.
It has taken a while to experiment my days in compromising and coming in term with life,killing me every minute.I have realized during this period that i am precious to everyone, but not more than what I am to myself.
It has taken a long time to prepare myself to accept silence.I would not go on forever giving myself to your needs in silence with disapproval. I have chosen to silently take my life where I completely enjoy this peaceful silence.
I have matured with time......I have lost a lot with time. I have also lost the me I had known all life. I have gained more than what I lost.
I have me all by myself.... !!

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