Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Identify...The Me !!!

A clenching identity question keeps coming back now and then. Am I who I am?

When I watch the activity of the ones I truly adore and idealize, do I still not want to be another person?

I do…..I do….I do!!

This is the perfect way that I want to take a vow.

I do want to be what I want to do the best. I do want to be what makes me feel the Bliss of what I can be. I do want to spread my being across the horizon.

I want to make minor alterations in places which could have led me to where I want to be. I want to go ahead and take the risk of outshining in the skin of the rebellious me.

This is not dis-satisfaction….this is the urge to be able to make a difference. To outline myself with my doings and my look-outs to what I want myself to be seen as.

Life is not meant to be a bed of rose and for the ones like me…I do not want life to bed of rose. I do not look forward to a regular routine day, where I exactly when to do what and how to do it. It’s the unknown that attracts me. The romancing of the destroyed beauty and love that calls me to hold hand. Breaking the rules beckon me. I do not want to be bound and delegated my chores, I would react as I absorb from my surrounding what it wants to quench its thirst from me.

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