Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Splashes of a Colorful Me !!

A day that does not start and lead with To Do lists, calendars and time tables…….a day that does not tell me what to wear to work and how to take care of things……..a day that does not tell me how to manage my time and get exhausted by the end of the day.

During these days when it does, I live with an unknown person in me who constantly is trying her best to be what she is not. The ‘me’ who is trying desperately to be the one who people wants to see in the midst of the excel sheet, ppt, meetings and headphones.

And finally …when the time comes for the paycheck…I am contented but not happy. Contented because this will take care of all my basic needs and commitments…..Happiness is not my basic need. A paycheck cannot take care of it.

Life looks like “In perfect shape” to others. Professional stability is the easiest way to link with financial stability and draw a measurement. What we miss is the most important look out…a breath of fresh air, an emotional strength to be with and peace. Professional stability and finance outlines the shape of our destiny. However, they don’t fill the color to ones life.

Unplanned splashes of color always looks beautiful compared to the straight lines and defined boxes with defined colors. Why should Nutmeg, the bird, be brown? Again the canyon, the bird, is brown in color as well? Why should all of them have to have only 1 color- brown? I know that there are 48 shades of brown.

Life should come to us in shades of colors, with splashes of moments. No definite shape.

Explore it, understand the need of the moment and do what makes us happy. It should not make us think too much over the past or worry too much about the future.

We barely try to plan about being sad in life…..then why do we even need to plan about being happy in life?????

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