Thursday, 1 March 2012

Woman-Kind !!

Women are all one of a kind. Ages ago when the world belonged followed Patriarchy; the days would begin to fulfill the necessities of the fathers, brothers, the partners and the other men. A Woman would embellish the household and add on to the ornamentation of the world that the men were conquering. Then, one day, they looked out of the abode and walked the streets. “This isn’t bad either”, she said. The Man’s world was invaded.

Women are strikingly distinct in their own nature. She could be the one with the striking amalgamation of ambition and compassion, who would decorate her world in her way. She would do what she feels comforted of. She could also be the one living the life of the men with or around her - her father, her brother, her partner or her who ever. She would be the one seeking an approval for every step she takes. She would never want to go wrong or be criticized of her doings. She would want everyone to like her.
When we compared the life of both of them, we find out how they differed from each other. One loved her own self unlike the other.
The woman, who did not love herself, distinctively needed everyone to like her, since she did not like much of herself. She did not approve the world in which she was living. She was not the one doing what she wanted to do. She was doing what she was been asked to do, or what she was been programmed to do. She remained dismayed with herself.
Her counterpart other did not have a rose bed to herself either. Defeat, suffering and loss found her wherever she tried to hide. She fought her way out of it.

Both of them are sensitive, they are appreciative in their own ways, and they have their own understanding of life, compassion towards what they do, who they love and how they love.
The surrounding that domesticates them plays the vital role to make them the amazing ones. Amazing people just don’t happen, they have to be born from oneself and strike out. They have to stand apart, and they have to stand behind and watch. They differentiate from the commoners very early in life. They have a rebel within themselves complaining whenever there is a resistance. They are the difficult ones.
It is difficult to be difficult, but that is where it draws the line. It makes her more dominant. Deep inside her, she nurtures the desire of her conflicted heart. These aspirations of life are not brave enough and not mature enough to come out in the open and face the world when early in life. She has, now and then, allowed her the figments of this life and this has bestowed her with the moments of greatness in her life’s mundane events and activities.
With the nurturing, she has finally discovered the rebel inside.
And now, she is too obsessed with her freedom to accept the rituals and conventions of the household. She is, yet, too steeped in tradition and values to embrace a let go mores completely.
She is the difficult one….. Sometimes a challenge herself for her to face!! She is the desirable, the lucid one.

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