Thursday, 23 February 2012


Dreams are that essential part of us which we cannot give up. From Morning to midnight, from dawn to dusk, it is the dream that we want to reach out to. These dreams are not as big as walking the red carpet for the Golden Globe or discovering an unknown species in the African rainforests. We all have tiny, wee little simple dreams that we love to nurture and want to pursue.

To dream is one obsession but to accomplish it is another. The struggle, the hardship, the sensitivity where our heart churns to give up is more often than not very difficult to contemplate. So, stick along and stay put.

When I give myself the time I require to nurture my dreams, they enjoy the space they get to thrive. The day by day chores that we minimally cannot deny ourselves of, can do without attendance for a day. These activities that are so sweltering, confining and panic inducing would take a back seat and this breathtaking moment of thought work would construct a big part of my existence.

My existence has a time to meet, to discover, what I have walked so far to learn. While I am still pondering and getting up to turn to the next page, I am passing by episodes of my life, friends and foes. As I pass, I leave them behind. And when I finally reach where I have to, I see me all by myself. Leaving everyone while I walked up to here, the only person to count on will be me, its all about my very own dreams, after all.

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