Thursday, 9 May 2013

Thou Mayest....or Thou Mayest Not !!

We are a part of the strangest society on the face of mankind. Free without freedom.
When we are children, the dreams that paint our walls are picture of freedom. The path of life is so set in a way to bind us with the clamored dependencies to buy those freedoms.

I laugh when I look back.  As we grow up, we are tied up with the weight of so many things, so many feelings, so much of duties and so much of liabilities, that eventually we end of fighting towards an unachievable wish to be set free. If we have nothing, we practically have everything. To set ourselves free from the boundaries of the rules around us is a very difficult task. To be morally responsible for everything we do is a burden again. 

At times we are not free because we do not want to be free. We do not want to break out from tolerating what is intolerable. We find it challenging to change anything that is institutional. Hence, freedom for us is being chained in our feet with a trail which is hooked at the other end with our moral.

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