Sunday, 12 January 2014

Reader Review: ASURA-Tale of the Vanquished

Book:    ASURA-Tale of the Vanquished
Author: Anand Neelakantan
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd
Genre:  Epic Mythology
Ratings: 4/5
ISBN: 9789381576052
Number of Pages: 500

Review Date: 11th January 2014
Review on behalf of - Self

My Ratings:
Plot – 4.5/5
Characters – 5/5
Style – 5/5
Climax – 4/5
Cover Page – 5/5

My Review:

The notable aspect or the credibility of the author in formulating this book lies completely in the approach. The other side of the Ramayana, I would call this. In ages to come, we have hardly ever heard of a script that talk about Ravana and his point of view and his character portrayal. Author has done a tremendous job in highlighting that.
Again, for a debut writer, bringing down a 500 pages book where the reader is completely interested till the end with the ups and downs of Bhadra’s life.

A great read a good work. Waiting to read his next.

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  1. Hey,
    Even I have read it! Its a really awesome book. You haven't read his next book its AJAYA Epic of the Kaurava Clan - Roll of the Dice (#Book 1). I have read it and would recommend you to read even AJAYA takes you on another level. Have a look at the book :

    Cheers !
    Enjoy great read in 2014