Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Reader Review - Life Mantras By a Life Coach : Preeti Subberwal

Book: Life Mantras By a Life Coach
 Author : Preeti Subberwal
Publisher :  Power Publishers 
Genre : Life Coach
Ratings : 4.5/5
ISBN : 9789383271665

Number of Pages: 122

Review Date: 7th January 2014
Review on behalf of - ReadersCosmos

My Ratings:
Plot – 4.5/5
Characters – NA
Style- 4/5
Climax – NA
Cover Page – 5/5

My Review:
This is a handbook that cannot be reviewed as a good, bad or best. The place of these 122 pages of glossy and beautiful looking book is at your bedside. It can be read as references to self explain one’s footsteps and deduce a meaning of one’s doings.
The author is a champion of the subject and has been successful to portray easy and positive ways of life. She has divided the book into 10 chapters which are 10 different topics of life coach. The points are interesting and doable. They are simple and attainable ways to happiness and keep the life curve to a positive high.
This is a very well researched handbook with quotes and references that influence the reader to a very high extent. Every page has been bordered with a quote that impacts the reader strongly. I simply loved the colorful look of the pages; it keeps the reader interested especially when it comes to a book where it is more of what we would call “Gyaan”.
The only error that caught my eye is in the 3 rd page of Ten Rules of Being Human By Cherie Carter-Scott. Here the Rule number 8 and rule number 9 are the same.
This is one of the must have books in the book counter of your study that one can refer all their life in times to come.

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