Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Strength !!

Gone are the days of pretty and useless women.

It is the time when life goes on through the push of the will power. To remain calm, perform well and accomplish as much as possible are the best attributes to keep going. A lot of things happen because it is meant to be so in order to make a woman strong. 

Things don’t happen by chance, they may be the best things that can happen to her. The fear that surrounds her is just a phase that will pass on. The fear does not always scare us; it also offers the strength to fight for somebody or something. Have the courage to stand there for you and intimidate you. It will eventually make you feel that you are not alone; you have yourself completely to you. 

Holding on to things that do not belong to you comes from the mark of guilt and burden of insecurity. To let go, turn your back and walk away with determination is the silent strength that descents in you. Always remember, you are chosen for the worst because you have the strength to fight back and restore to your best being. 

After all these, when you smile at the rim of the sun shine and dance to the drops of the rain, there lies your freedom, your joy and your appreciation to be yourself.

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